This Initiative is a Private Sector Energised India-US-Africa Sustainable Initiative

Ram Mohan is the Managing Director and Founder of ComAfrique and the initiatior of the ComAfrique Initiative. He is also the Honorary Consul General of India in The Gambia.

Dr Kushant Uppal, founder & CEO of InteliZon is a US Citizen, Educated at the Indian Institute of Technology ( Madras) in Chennai, India and thereafter at the University of Southern California - where he settled down for 20 years returning to India to create InteliZon and Intelligent solutions for Rural Lighting.

How ONE Dalasi ( 0.04US$) per Day CAN give you Light for Life

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Developing Sustainability in Villages - A Unique Initiative

Sustainability with Village participation ... driven by Entrepreneurship and Partnership. We can change the world we live in - in our own small way.

Governments should generate and bring light to all corners of the Country. Many development agencies insist that off-grid solar lights should be paid for and not given free. However Our UNIQUE Initiative strives to get the Private Sector / NGOs / or Governments to provide the instruments of Light to remote Villagers and thereafter let the Villagers sustain it by paying for the usage of light. We believe that just selling Solar Lights to Villagers is not the right way. If you want to make it truly sustainable, deliver the means to them and let them pay to sustain it. This is a better form of development.

How does providing sustainable light enhance Food Security?

Villagers who live in darkness, use daylight for income generation. With Light, they are able to enhance their incomes or productivity at night. Children are able to study at night and Education is the driving force behind development. Thus Light is the source of all development.

Rural Banking - Driven by the ComAfrique- InteliZon Initiative

First International Bank have sponsored 2 Villages with ZonLights& ZonHomes in the Foni District of The Gambia. However what makes their intervention more remarkable is their offer to also provide door-step bankng services to all villages recepient of the Initiative.  FIB Bank have offered to depute their Bank Manager from the Kanilai branch to each of the villages ( 7 in number so far), provide them with a safe deposit box and and account in the branch.  The manager will not only bank their collections, but also provide them with an interest on their deposit.
This gesture, seemingly small, transforms the impact of the ComAfrique InteliZon initiative into one that major development organisations have been attempting to do for years. 
The principle is simple - yet its results are far reaching - like Neil Armstrongs first steps onto the moon - a small step for man..but a giant leap for mankind.  Getting villagers organised to organise their own light needs is a small step and thier being able to bank their income is a giant leap.  Though the villagers do say that the provision of light sustainable with a 1 Dalasi ( 0.04US$) payment by itself is a giant leap.
Ram Mohan
The Gambia