This Initiative is a Private Sector Energised India-US-Africa Sustainable Initiative

Ram Mohan is the Managing Director and Founder of ComAfrique and the initiatior of the ComAfrique Initiative. He is also the Honorary Consul General of India in The Gambia.

Dr Kushant Uppal, founder & CEO of InteliZon is a US Citizen, Educated at the Indian Institute of Technology ( Madras) in Chennai, India and thereafter at the University of Southern California - where he settled down for 20 years returning to India to create InteliZon and Intelligent solutions for Rural Lighting.

How ONE Dalasi ( 0.04US$) per Day CAN give you Light for Life

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Developing Sustainability in Villages - A Unique Initiative

Sustainability with Village participation ... driven by Entrepreneurship and Partnership. We can change the world we live in - in our own small way.

Governments should generate and bring light to all corners of the Country. Many development agencies insist that off-grid solar lights should be paid for and not given free. However Our UNIQUE Initiative strives to get the Private Sector / NGOs / or Governments to provide the instruments of Light to remote Villagers and thereafter let the Villagers sustain it by paying for the usage of light. We believe that just selling Solar Lights to Villagers is not the right way. If you want to make it truly sustainable, deliver the means to them and let them pay to sustain it. This is a better form of development.

How does providing sustainable light enhance Food Security?

Villagers who live in darkness, use daylight for income generation. With Light, they are able to enhance their incomes or productivity at night. Children are able to study at night and Education is the driving force behind development. Thus Light is the source of all development.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

2013, 110+ villages and counting

5th May, 2013
I firstly must apologise for the lack of updates here.
We have been terribly active and most posts have been on Twitter (@ComfariqueIntel ) and on Facebook ( as well as on our web page (  and thus would request readers and followers to please check the above for updates and pictures.
I promise to update this blog as well as often as possible.

Im sitting in Ziguinchor on my way back from Bissau on a Cashew trip. While I pursue my business, a dedicated team from the Initiative is implementing our 90th village (90 out of 140 villahes) being implemented for the London School of Economics project " Effective Intervention" in Guinea Bissaus Quinara & Tombali regions.

We have completed 26 villages in The Gambia too and have two more villages to implement. One for the Rotary Club of Quilon, Kerala and in a unique programme, to ensure that two villages supported by the Annecy Sisters in Basse, The Gambia, will be brought under the Initiative, thanks to a sponsorship by MSC Shipping Company. Ms. Mette Oerslund has very benevolently agreed to this sponsorship. The Sisters of Annecy, MSC and we are excited as this is the farthest and remotest region of The Gambia.

While Rakib and Famara have done far more remote regions in Guinea Bissau, this will be a challenge in The Gambia.

Will continue to write here and will provide links between the various social networking sites for this Initiative heavily weighed with Corporate and Social Responsibility character.

Ram Mohan
Ziguinchor, 5th June, 2013